Ok, I’ll admit it, this post isn’t entirely about Chuck Norris.  It IS however, pertaining to Chuck Norris in some way and not just throwing his name out there like a pathetic geek shout out.   I suppose that after saying that I need to say that I have nothing against Oprah or Streisand, I just think that the people that read this are more inclined to think that Chuck Norris is more worth a look (sorry for exploiting you Chuck!)

Anyways, the reason for this post is because I think that the idea of celebrity endorsements for presidential nominations are ridiculous.  These ideas are the reason why people are so stupid.  Do we hold celebrities in such a high pedestal that we would let them dictate who would become the figurehead of our country?  Are we to believe that merely because CHUCK NORRIS likes someone named Mike Huckabee that he is presidential material?

I don’t think so.

All that says to me is that Chuck Norris likes Mike Huckabee.  I don’t even know if Chuck Norris has the same tastes as me but somehow people that know just as little are inclined to believe Chuck Norris is smart enough to chose their president for them.

I won’t lie to you guys, Americans are starting to bother me.  I just can’t take anyone seriously anymore.  I have said it for years, just like in Men in Black, a person is smart but people are stupid.  They are like sheep, flocking to listen to those who they think to be above them either socially or intellectually.  I remember that in 10th grade English we had to chose a person to lead the class (like in Lord of the Flies).  Not many people in the class liked me, but I ended up being chosen.  Stupid people rely on smarter people to get them through what they cannot handle themselves.

Furthermore, the idea that we need to such widely publicize the idea that said celebrities (for a recap – Oprah is Pro-Obama, Streisand is Pro-Hilary, and Norris is Pro-Huckabee) are for these candidates.  If they are such a big deal why isn’t anyone else?  Why don’t they publicize the fact that I am Pro-Obama too?  We both have only one vote, and in an ideal circumstance, are independent in our beliefs.

The only person that should be swaying people in a presidential election are the people running for president.  Period.  Unless your an idiot, even the person themselves should not be a factor.  In fact, I will rephrase that.  Only the candidates IDEAS should affect your opinion of who should be president.  Unlike previous presidents (JFK I’m looking at you in heaven) who were picked because women statistically vote more than men and they look for attractive candidates over competent ones, I wish now we would have realized the folly of not carefully thinking and participating in voting for a candidate who properly embodies those ideas that coincide with your own.

But I pride myself on being a stark realist, and I know that people will never hit or even touch the plateau where that is possible.  Instead we will just keep going the way we are going, and just like as I referred in Halo 3, the world will keep on spinning while falling apart at the seams.


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