So I woke up today, at like 11 am and looked around my basement. It was a day unlike any other and so I moved onward, completely unaware of what was to come.

I walked up to my computer, and went online (as like with every other day) to mildly surf the web. I went on a site I commonly frequent to see if Golden Compass was given good reviews from critics and there it was. In that moment I saw something that would blow my mind away.

It was the link to the Speed Racer trailer.

I opted to watch it in Hi-Def (720p to be exact) and waited for the trailer to load. It was a mild interest, as I had watched Speed Racer often as a child, and I thought that it would be fairly average with the Wachowski brothers helming it (for those of you who don’t know, they made the Matrix Trilogy).

The reality was quite different however. The trailer is LEGENDARY. Yes, thats right, LEGENDARY. It is almost too good to be true how amazing it is. I would not for a million years have expected anyone to actually pull off a live action Speed Racer in the way they have done.

Everything is included in the trailer, which runs at a trailer avg. 2:02 minutes. Theres Speed and his dad building the car for a few seconds, and Speed driving. Theres a few moments with Matthew Fox (Jack on Lost) as Racer X, and even a moment with Trixie in a helicopter guiding Speed. There is also a humorous moment with Chim-Chim and Sprite in the trunk of the Mach 5.

I’m usually not one who likes to spoil things for people intentionally, but in this case words are worthless. I could give you a play by play of every second in this trailer and the frame it represented but it would pale in comparison to the lights and the pure motion of such a movie as Speed Racer in action. It’s like looking at my computer and suddenly, I can see 5 year old me looking right back at me. While disconcerting its also something I found to be rare in a movie like this.

Speed Racer looks to be (right now) a rare breed of movie that takes such care of its source material that it puts all its efforts into bringing it forward into the present. After all, Mach 5 GoGoGo was made in 1967 and it is now 40 years later.

I urge everyone to watch the trailer which I have hyperlinked above, it is excellent.


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